The NavRasa Project

Although, not a FILM project per say, NavRasa, is still very close to my Heart.

I’ve wanted to do this STILL photography project for a while now. Every since I was a kid. Better late than never!!! What say???!!! So, finally it is here – on my Personal Website,

In layman’s terms… 

According to the Pandits, the Yogis, the Gurus, and what have you, there are 9 (or Nav, in Sanskrit) basic emotions or expressions (or Rasas, in Sanskrit).


  1. Courage
    • Sanskrit Term: Veera
    • Related Emotions: Confidence, Determination, Pride
  2. Wonder
    • Sanskrit Term: Adbhuta
    • Related Emotions: Astonishment, Curiosity, Mystery
  3. Joy
    • Sanskrit Term: Hasya
    • Related Emotions: Humor, Laughter, Ridicule
  4. Love
    • Sanskrit Term: Shringara
    • Related Emotions: Admiration, Beauty, Delight
  5. Fear 
    • Sanskrit Term: Bhayanaka
    • Related Emotions: Anxiety, Worry, Nervousness
  6. Disgust
    • Sanskrit Term: Bibhatsa
    • Related Emotions: Depression, Dissatisfaction, Self-pity
  7. Anger
    • Sanskrit Term: Raudra
    • Related Emotions: Irritation, Stress, Violence 
  8. Sorrow 
    • Sanskrit Term: Karuna
    • Related Emotions: Compassion, Pity, Sadness
  9. Peace
    • Sanskrit Term: Shanta
    • Related Emotions: Calmness, Relaxation, Exhaustion

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