Here’s Hoping!!!

I have wanted to share my experiences and beliefs with all for a while now (on popular demand). That’s correct, people whom I have been associated with (through my writings) always urge me to put my thoughts on paper. 

And so came into existence, Here’s Hoping!!!, my web series under the banner of (my), Different Productions… making this world a better place to live… one production at a time!!! Here’s Hoping!!!


Since its inception (or conception), 17 episodes have been scoped out for Season 01 (with scope for future expansion). Each episode deals with my experiences and how that has lead to the formulation of my (extremely amusing) so called beliefs.

Presenting, the episodes completed thus far. And oh, it was intended to be published as a book, so… Here’s,

  • The Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 01.“What’s in a name???”
  • Chapter 02. “Were you made in America???”
  • Chapter 03. “How old are you???”
  • Chapter 04. “How many friends do you have???”
  • Chapter 05. “Where did you learn to flirt from???”
  • Chapter 06. “What’s life like in L.A.???” 
  • Chapter 07. “What’s the hype about driving in L.A.???” 
  • Contents
  • Chapter 08. “An actor should marry???”
  • Chapter 09. “How dynamic is a static relationship???” 
  • Chapter 10. “To smoke or not to smoke???” 
  • Chapter 11. “What is love???” 
  • Chapter 12. “Does faith unite???” 
  • Outro

The Web Series is now available at, 

For the entire web series, Yours Truly is the, 

  • Creator
  • Writer
  • Executive Producer
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Actress
  • Cinematographer
  • Editor
  • Music Supervisor
  • Music Editor
  • Sound Editor
  • Sound Mixer
  • Location Scout
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Hair & Makeup Artist

Check this out,

Thanking you ever so much,

I remain,
Most Humbly & Sincerely,
Your, “Dares To Dream“!!!

P.S.: Here’s Hoping!!! has been accepted and is now an “Official Selection” at the, Web Series Festival Global.

Here’s Hoping!!! has been selected as a recipient for the Honorable Mention Award and is now an, “Honorable Mention Award Winner” at the, International Independent Film Awards (IIFA).

Here’s Hoping!!! has also been accepted and is now an “Official Selection” at the, WRPN.TV Global Webisode Competition short film competition exclusively for webisodes and TV series (WGWC). 

Yay!!! Hooray!!! What more could your, “Dares To Dream” ask for???!!! Feels blessed, humbled, and honored.


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